Softness and Light

I could see

his dark disconnection…

that nameless

faceless thing

with it’s cold embrace.

Was there just a trace

of light within

to reunite



Oh softness and light,

softness and light!


Poem & Photo ©Mairi McLean 2016


I can feel it calling,

holding me hostage,

rattling my cage;

stirring me up

with restless distrust

and vague longing…

It’s something

I’m doing

or not doing;

it’s something


and forgotten.


Poem & Photo ©Mairi McLean 2016


We’re  lost within

these desolate moving pictures,

waiting for a brighter season

with colours that are richer;

searching for relief


a reason…


for awakening

to begin.


Poem & Photo ©Mairi McLean 2016

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